A Very Special Engagement : Manasquan Beach

Photography has given me many gifts in life so far, and I am forever thankful that it continues to do so. Maddie, Layla and I got to be an integral part of my new brother-in-law Kevin proposing to my sister Emily. It's never hard to convince Em to go watch sunrise at the beach, so the plan was to ask her to take a few family photos for Maddie and I with Layla. It was hard to convince her to put something nice on, but eventually she threw on a dress and off we went! Kevin was there as well, and I asked him to grab me a lens out of my camera bag where the ring was waiting. We stepped back and let the magic happen, and it went off flawlessly! I've never seen her smile so big in my life :) Truly a special moment to be a part of and document for them.

As a side note, I may have had something to do with the extra smiles. As Kevin was pulling the ring from his back pocket, I saw an awesome shot happening. I'm so focused when I'm shooting that I didn't remember the 4 foot sand bank they were standing right next to. Down I went, mid knee speech from Kev, Emily dying laughing watching her brother slowly falling to his demise (but still shooting of course). It's a nice little addition to the memory of such a great morning.


In Manasquan, NJ we were very lucky to have been spared by Irene. Some lost power, lots of trees went down hard, flooding was around but not as bad as other storms we've had, a couple boys died getting swept out in the ocean during the hurricane, but after all is said and done it wasn't nearly as bad here as other places that the hurricane hit along the east coast. We prepared and were spared, thank you! Here's a few images from Sunday morning and later in the day, after being chased by cops all morning and threatened to be ticketed wading through the streets and sneaking up to the beach.

breakers inside manasquan inlet

battered pilings

nasty sea foam stuck to the point boardwalk vendor gates

floating debris

determined to get a photo

fishermans cove / inlet lot smashup

give it another few hours...

rain boots

ocean ave, manasquan

nick, happy the shrimp box didn't get badly damaged

and as quick as she came, she left with a nice present

'66 VW Crew Cab

Yes ladies and gentlemen, get ready to drool at some old school awesomeness.  Last week I got up at sunrise and headed over to meet with Robert Monetti at sunrise to shoot his meticulously restored '66 VW Crew Cab. If you're like me, you're probably not too familiar with this model car.  Everyone knows about the old VW Kombi's, but this is a convertible pickup version of the famous old car.  Robert bought this from Nevada and took 3 years to redo it to his liking, all on his own. The truck has got so many different unique looks, and he's even got a bunch of magnetic stickers to throw on it to get that authentic 60's look without ruining the perfect paint job. Such a cool family cruiser, something for everyone to enjoy. Here's a few quick teasers, such a hard job to pick only a few from the shoot!

ps, if you've got any interest in having a look this car, shoot me an email and i'll get you in touch.

favorite shot of the day! this is new jersey, not california, believe it or not

sunrise hues n blues

if it wasn't so hard to get up at 4 45am, i'd do it more often :)

another look, sides and tail down

sun burst

freakin cool truck i tell ya


As all of you probably have seen or heard, the east coast got hammered on snow a couple days ago.  So much of it, that two days later there are still a ton of unplowed streets and people on involuntary house arrest.  Abandoned cars line major roads and the amount of jackknifed trailers on entrance and exit ramps is crazy.  Thankfully my dad's got a plow on his truck and gave me and Mads a lift to Manasquan beach at 7am.  Fresh tracks and some deep pitted barrels were plentiful.  We wandered around a bit and battled the gail force winds and freezing cold temps and snagged some cool shots.  The sun came out later in the day, and gave us some more cool light to catch on the snow.  Hopefully if you were stuck in this the plow came by your house already!!!  Check out a few I snagged from the day... and better yet, check out the video Maddie put together from some still and video footage she got with her new lens...

borrowed mads camera and got this one

this poor guy was struggling, seriously

white out blizzard at the beach


the street next to mine

and lots of icicles 

maddie's sweet video... check it in high res!


Electric Sky

Towards the end of the storm, my buddy Kim (who flew here from Canada to shoot a wedding with me this weekend) and I headed to the gazebo at Manasquan Inlet to try and get a couple lightning shots and take cover from the rain.  They were few and far inbetween, but we managed to get a couple keepers.  It's funny how exciting it is to shoot lightning, especially when there aren't consistent bolts.  It's like a game of chance, you take a bunch of long exposures and hope that a bolt comes down when your shutter's open.  I got lucky with this one!

And I've seen shots similar to this before, but later found out they were photoshopped... too bad.  This one's as real as it gets.  Metadata: ISO 400, 30 sec, f/4.5, 45mm, custom WB of 3300 on my D700 with a 24-70 2.8 and dropped the exposure in lightroom a stop to compensate for the massive light with a large aperture (for all the photo enthusiasts).