A Very Special Engagement : Manasquan Beach

Photography has given me many gifts in life so far, and I am forever thankful that it continues to do so. Maddie, Layla and I got to be an integral part of my new brother-in-law Kevin proposing to my sister Emily. It's never hard to convince Em to go watch sunrise at the beach, so the plan was to ask her to take a few family photos for Maddie and I with Layla. It was hard to convince her to put something nice on, but eventually she threw on a dress and off we went! Kevin was there as well, and I asked him to grab me a lens out of my camera bag where the ring was waiting. We stepped back and let the magic happen, and it went off flawlessly! I've never seen her smile so big in my life :) Truly a special moment to be a part of and document for them.

As a side note, I may have had something to do with the extra smiles. As Kevin was pulling the ring from his back pocket, I saw an awesome shot happening. I'm so focused when I'm shooting that I didn't remember the 4 foot sand bank they were standing right next to. Down I went, mid knee speech from Kev, Emily dying laughing watching her brother slowly falling to his demise (but still shooting of course). It's a nice little addition to the memory of such a great morning.