As all of you probably have seen or heard, the east coast got hammered on snow a couple days ago.  So much of it, that two days later there are still a ton of unplowed streets and people on involuntary house arrest.  Abandoned cars line major roads and the amount of jackknifed trailers on entrance and exit ramps is crazy.  Thankfully my dad's got a plow on his truck and gave me and Mads a lift to Manasquan beach at 7am.  Fresh tracks and some deep pitted barrels were plentiful.  We wandered around a bit and battled the gail force winds and freezing cold temps and snagged some cool shots.  The sun came out later in the day, and gave us some more cool light to catch on the snow.  Hopefully if you were stuck in this the plow came by your house already!!!  Check out a few I snagged from the day... and better yet, check out the video Maddie put together from some still and video footage she got with her new lens...

borrowed mads camera and got this one

this poor guy was struggling, seriously

white out blizzard at the beach


the street next to mine

and lots of icicles 

maddie's sweet video... check it in high res!