Celebrate their spirit.

The hardest part of parenting is when your kids grow up.

Celebrate who they are now through beautiful artwork in your home. Remind yourself, and more importantly your children, of the gift childhood gives us all.

Curiosity. Imagination. Fearlessness. Innocence. Fun.


Children are a gift to us in so many ways.

We can learn so much from our kids every day.

Let’s celebrate their amazing personalities and the gifts they bring to your world. What are those things that absolutely melt your heart? What can they do this month that they couldn’t do last? How do they show they love you? What do you cherish most when you have their undivided attention? What are those special routines you share? How does it feel to have them in your life?

What would it mean if you could hold onto those things forever?

Let’s create amazing artwork that celebrates what you adore about your kids. They grow up in an instant and won’t always look, act or love like they do right now. The best time to capture who they are is now!

I can create your children’s portraits wherever your kids are most comfortable. At home, their favorite park, playing at the beach, exploring the woods, or anything that Sydney has to offer. There is an abundance of beautiful locations for kids portraits, letting them be free and themselves. We’ve got a ton of suggestions if you can’t think of one. Some are well known and others are our secret spots! If the Sydney area isn’t at the top of your list - traveling is at the top of my list besides my family and photography.

Every kids portrait experience includes

  • Pre-planning calls to find out what you’d love to celebrate about your kids

  • An extremely fun photo session focused on who your kids are when they are being themselves

  • A beautifully cinematic presentation of your photographs

  • A design consultation to create the perfect artwork for your home. Artwork that will remind you and your children every day that being a kid is an amazing gift to this world.

Who is a kids portrait experience for?

Did you just welcome the newest member of your family?

Are you absolutely amazed at your child’s progress every day as they reach their first year of life?

Is your toddler ridiculously cute at everything they do? Even the ‘bad’ things??

Are you growing more proud of the person your child is becoming every day?

Show the love you have for your kids in an amazing way, celebrate their uniqueness, and give them an extra boost of confidence by displaying who they are to you in artwork throughout your home.


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Your toddler and children photographer for life in Sydney. Bring your Sydney home to life with beautiful artwork that celebrates what you love most about your kids.