In Manasquan, NJ we were very lucky to have been spared by Irene. Some lost power, lots of trees went down hard, flooding was around but not as bad as other storms we've had, a couple boys died getting swept out in the ocean during the hurricane, but after all is said and done it wasn't nearly as bad here as other places that the hurricane hit along the east coast. We prepared and were spared, thank you! Here's a few images from Sunday morning and later in the day, after being chased by cops all morning and threatened to be ticketed wading through the streets and sneaking up to the beach.

breakers inside manasquan inlet

battered pilings

nasty sea foam stuck to the point boardwalk vendor gates

floating debris

determined to get a photo

fishermans cove / inlet lot smashup

give it another few hours...

rain boots

ocean ave, manasquan

nick, happy the shrimp box didn't get badly damaged

and as quick as she came, she left with a nice present