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Celebrate your life with a beautiful and heartfelt family film


‘Both of our parents cried. They both said it was beautiful, and my mom actually said ‘Holy shit this is amazing’ 😂🤣 For the record, she rarely curses.’ -Jenny and Brian


Every family has a story
It’s time we tell yours


Hear how much the Rostron family loved their film when they had their premiere!


3 Easy Steps
to book your family film

  1. Get in touch

Reach out through the contact form below or call 732 456 0396 to tell me about your family and what you’d love to hold onto forever!

2. Your film session

An extremely fun 4 hours being yourselves! We’ll focus on what is most important to you and by the end I’ll feel like one of the family.

3. Your premiere

Sit back, relax, and enjoy how precious your family really is from an outside perspective. Gain a new appreciation for your every day.


An important note!
Family films are truly a labor of love for me. It takes a lot of passion to create something amazing for your family, not to mention lots of time too!
Each year I will only be taking on a very limited number of family films.
If you think this is something you’d love to have, don’t waste another second and reach out now!


The Sternberger Family

Why do I need a family film?

Your mountains of phone photos and videos, how will they be enjoyed in 20 years? How will you show your kids how much they were loved, what their life was like? Where will you find the feeling of their childhood? Scrolling through whatever device you might have, searching for a phone video in the cloud to try and find a few random, shaky video clips?

Think of what an amazing gift it will be to both you and your kids in 20 years, looking back on what a day was like in your family. Hearing the little things you love about them right now, watching how special those seemingly routine activities you do really are, feeling what it feels like to love like you do right now.

Do it for your kids, your partner, yourself.


Who is Steve?


Hey! I’m Steve and I understand how much you value your own family.

I was raised in a home that celebrated a strong family bond, and I’m so thankful to have that guiding me every day. My wife Maddie is from Australia, and one of the ways we kept our families close was … family films! When our girls arrived, we wanted to include our families as much as possible in our routines, adventures and every day life of growing together. Those films have turned into an incredible representation of what we’ve cherished most about each other over the years. They bring instant joy every time we watch them.

I’ve been a family photographer for over 10 years, creating artwork for families to celebrate their own version of happiness on their wall every day. Video is another way to express your love for each other. Another way to hold onto life right now. I love family films in addition to beautiful portraits on your walls because it brings you into the moment in a different way. They are beautifully complimentary to each other, and I’m so thankful that I get to give families the gift of holding onto what they love about now, forever.


A few of our own short family films


Commonly Asked Questions


Are we the kind of people that get a family film?

YES! There are no 'kind of people' for family films. Seriously, everyone should do this! This is something you can do AT ANY AGE for ABSOLUTELY ANYONE. And you don’t have to feel comfortable being in front of the camera to create this for your family legacy either. The only requirement is that you love your family. The rest is my job. It will be fun and easy and the time we spend together feels just like a friend is coming to hang out for a few hours while you’re being yourselves. The best part is that it isn't always for YOU, it's a greater gift to your family around you.

What happens after I decide to book with you?

First of all, CONGRATS! I’ll be in touch asap to find out what it is about your family right now that you’d love to hold onto forever. You’ll fill out a quick questionnaire that will help guide the story of your film, we’ll pick a date for your session that works for our schedules, take payment for your film, and then we’re good to go! You’ve invested in a family heirloom that only increases in importance and significance with age. This is one of the most meaningful things you can do for your family!

What about photography? Is that included or seperate?

I'm a big believer of giving my all to every project I do. That passion always results in something amazing that both my clients and I are over the moon about. I LOVE photography, and I LOVE video. But they require being fully immersed in two different mindsets to produce something truly amazing. So to give you the best possible experience, they are separate services I provide. I would be more than thrilled to do both for your family each year, or a great idea would be to do a film one year and photos the next. They are not combined into the same session in order to make sure you get an amazing product in the end.

Where do the sessions take place? I'm not sure my home 'looks good enough'...

It's totally up to you where we film your family. The location is always guided by where your happiness lies! Most of the time this is in your home or a special place you love to go as a family. If your home is the place we decide to film, it DOES NOT need to look like a magazine!! A little tidying would be amazing but please remember, this is your film about your life! A real representation for you to look back on for decades to come. You don't need to wait for that new color paint on the walls, or for your bathroom to be rennovated. The kids won't stop growing while you're waiting. What's more important to you anyway? Now is the time!

What should i expect on the day of our shoot?

By the end of our session, you’ll wonder where the time went! It might feel a bit weird at first if you’re not used to a camera following you around, but that’s ok! We’ll have made a general plan beforehand, so you guys can do your thing and I’ll be following along. Be yourselves doing what you love to do as a family, it will make you love your film even more. We'll spend about 4 hours together filming your family!

Do you offer payment plans?

Most families pay in full (50% retainer to reserve your date and 50% 2 weeks before your session). If this is something you would really love for your family, I’m happy to provide a 3 or 6 month payment plan option, interest free. We can schedule your film date after your final payment!

What do people normally do with their film?

Speaking from experience, if you've got younger kids they LOVE to watch themselves in a movie. Who wouldn't!? There's social media platforms for you to share what you love about your family with your network as well. Your film isn't something I'd recommend to stow away. You'll notice it will be at the top of the watch list by everyone in the family pretty frequently. It's an amazing anchor for your family happiness! Let it cheer you up, bring you back, provide a laugh or a cry, share with someone you care about, or watch it just because. The best thing is your films will never wear out and you'll never tire of watching them!

What kind of music goes in our film? Can we choose it?

The music used in your film is licensed from independent artists and carefully chosen to enhance the mood of your film. Mainstream songs aren't able to be used because of licensing restrictions and the fact that they cost a million bucks to use. Rest assured your music will be an amazing addition to your film and fit perfectly.


How much does a family film cost?

Your family film is one of the most amazing gifts you can give your family.

At the press of a button you can step back into the best parts of your life, soaking up the little things you love about right now. It’s an investment in your family 20 years from now and will definitely become one of your most treasured family heirlooms. Shine a light on your everyday life and see how special your little moments together truly are through your family film.


Your family film includes:

A phone consultation where we plan what your film will look and feel like

Up to 4 hours of filming on the day of your session

A beautifully edited, 3-5 minute film that expertly tells your story, complete with hand selected music



Extras + details

A 50% retainer is required to reserve the date for your family film, with the remaining 50% due 2 weeks before your film.

I love to travel and am available for your session anywhere in the world! There is no travel fee within 1 hour drive of Manasquan, NJ 08736.

You can add on a cinematic film premiere night if you are within 1 hour drive of 08736 for $395 (highly recommended!!).

Your film will be ready to be delivered via digital download or cinematic premiere within 6-8 weeks of your session.


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