I freaking love taking photos.

Other than photography, I also love having fun with my beautiful wife Maddie and our little daughter Layla, the ocean, traveling and experiencing different cultures all over the world, listening to good music, road tripping, muscle cars, dogs, growing our own veggies and herbs, woodworking, good Italian food (especially PIZZA!), good beer, playing a mean game of ping pong... and I have a mildly serious obsession with Franks Red Hot Sauce.

I grew up in a small town on the beach called Manasquan, New Jersey, and usually travel between Australia, the US of A, and anywhere else my awesome clients request.

After graduating with a business degree from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, I took some time out to live the mountain life in Whistler, Canada... one of the most magical places on this earth. It was here I met and eventually proposed to Maddie, which was the start to our own love story still in the making. We got married amongst some of our closest friends and family under a blue moon in Fiji, August 2012. It was unreal.

My Grandfather was my biggest role model throughout my life, and instilled daily words of wisdom on all of his grandkids. These are words I cherish and live by, in particular a poem titled 'The Victor' by C.W. Longenecker. It's definitely worth a read!

I like to have a good time and don't always take myself too seriously, as you might be able to tell from the photos.
Anything else you want to know, just ask!




Wedding Collections start at $6,500, and all Collections include a beautiful heirloom album.

Family Experiences have a special weekday or weekend booking deposit, with the opportunity to purchase any Artwork you'd love to have!

Our working relationship is one of the most important factors in photographing you and what is meaningful in your life. I can only do that exceptionally when I know the things that make your heart sing, and what you can't wait to look back and see from your day in 50 years. 

I meet with all couples via video chat (virtual high 5's), in person (for real high 5's), or on the phone before we decide that we are a good fit!

It's my job to make the best times of your life last forever.


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