'66 VW Crew Cab

Yes ladies and gentlemen, get ready to drool at some old school awesomeness.  Last week I got up at sunrise and headed over to meet with Robert Monetti at sunrise to shoot his meticulously restored '66 VW Crew Cab. If you're like me, you're probably not too familiar with this model car.  Everyone knows about the old VW Kombi's, but this is a convertible pickup version of the famous old car.  Robert bought this from Nevada and took 3 years to redo it to his liking, all on his own. The truck has got so many different unique looks, and he's even got a bunch of magnetic stickers to throw on it to get that authentic 60's look without ruining the perfect paint job. Such a cool family cruiser, something for everyone to enjoy. Here's a few quick teasers, such a hard job to pick only a few from the shoot!

ps, if you've got any interest in having a look this car, shoot me an email and i'll get you in touch.

favorite shot of the day! this is new jersey, not california, believe it or not

sunrise hues n blues

if it wasn't so hard to get up at 4 45am, i'd do it more often :)

another look, sides and tail down

sun burst

freakin cool truck i tell ya