Little Logan.

Mad and I stayed in Philly after Kate and Steve's awesome wedding, and met up with Beth, Jared and little Logan at their home on Sunday. Logan's 6 months old and full of smiles all the time. Such a cute kid. Beth and Jared were awesome and have a beautiful little house for this guy to grow up in. We got some insane weather for the shoot, downpour and lightning as i got there and sunshine intermittently as we left. Got some great photos though, check a few out below!

i should have a caption contest for logan with these photos..

their beautiful house

testing out the swing spot in the back yard

he can sit up on his own now

such a cute face

haha, such a happy baby!

logan and his mom beth

had to save my favorite for last. its great shooting babies because of the variety of unknown facial expressions captured. i got a ton of great similing ones, but the stink face in this one is priceless!