Hess Landscape Architects - Bryn Mawr

Chuck had me come out last week to shoot another one of Hess Landscape Architects jaw dropping projects, this time in Bryn Mawr, PA. After seeing so much beautiful architecture, landscaping, and lighting in properties lately, I'm beginning to become harder to impress as easily as before... so to say this back yard left Mads and I speechless puts it all in perspective. An old barn was transported from NJ and reconstructed around the beautifully designed pool and lush landscape that surrounds. Yet again Chuck and his team created an amazing atmosphere with a beautifully designed area fit to entertain a King. This shoot started at 4.30 am, which meant leaving the house at 3 am. As you'll see, the pre dawn shots were definitely worth it... Check out a few favorites!

what'd i tell ya?!

pre-dawn reflections

perfect colors and styling by Chuck

mmmm... symmetry

this wasn't in the shoot scope, but i couldn't resist. look at this barn bedroom!!!!