Christie + Justin

Mad and I took a ride down to Loveladies, LBI to meet Christie and Justin for their wedding on the beach. It was a hot and sunny day, with looming clouds that seemed to cooperate for us just at the right times... so good! They rented out a huge beachfront home, and had the wedding right in front of the house and the party in a beautiful tent over the car park which was a nice change from the usual church. In fact, Maddie and I spent nearly the entire wedding and reception barefoot, too bad I can't do that at every wedding! These guys really knew how to have fun, and pulled out some of the best and funniest dance moves I've ever seen at a reception. Check out a few favorites from this beautiful day on the beach!!

haha. so much energy = so much photo awesomeness

christie getting on some makeup

great mug

the brand spankin' new house they rented out. so new that some of it wasn't furnished... lucky me!

justin gettin suited up

 that's one proud mom :)

cooperating cloud coverage

for real

the overgrown driveway next door

ha funny shot of all the girls

and a badass one of the guys

loved this shot

great ceremony spot

the skies were nutso, each way you looked was different

some table details

and i'll leave you with a lil sunset silhouette