Lisa + Jordan

Last Sunday, Lisa and Jordan - possibly the two of the funniest, most relaxed people to ever get married - tied the knot at the Penns Landing Hyatt in Philly.  Talk about a seriously beautiful couple.  I don't know how many times I caught myself looking at the back of my camera, lost in how beautiful Lisa was, before I realized I was spaced out and should probably continue shooting.  Haha.  These guys killed it.  Even though we were on a tight timeline, their eagerness and easy-going personalities helped in making some stunning shots of the two of them.  They kept me laughing the whole day, and it's my job to make them laugh.  We were able to do some cool stuff with the huge bridal parties outside the hotel, as the rain and stormy weather predicted held off for us.  We even got some blue sky at the end of the day!  The reception was mental, as I was warned multiple times that it would be.  Party time!  Hope you guys are enjoying your time together on your honeymoon!

their moment in time

buttoning up and some awesome shoes

mom helping out with the final touches

some of lisa's jewelry she wore

nice one jordan!!!!!


all the guys

bridesmaids detail

stunning lisa

stretch armstrong

the skies cleared for us!

some of the beautiful bridesmaids looking on at the ceremony

i'd say they're in love :)

a couple photos from their first dance

party time!