Little Norah

This weekend I was lucky enough to meet little Norah.  She was full of energy, made some great faces for me, and was in good spirits for nearly all of the 2 hours I was shooting.  What a champion little 1 year old!  Her partner in crime, Buddy the Bijon, ran laps around us for a good half hour before he tuckered out.  We finished the day off in a nearby park with some beautiful late afternoon light.  Here's a couple of my favorites.

the first thing i saw when i walked up to the house.  imagine being greeted by this every day?  how cute.  you can tell how anxious they are for visitors to show up by the handprints and drool marks (equally from both culprits)

curious norah, making a b-line for my camera strap

givin grandma some love

playin in the grass