Hess Landscape Architects - Villanova

So these upcoming projects I'll be shooting have been a long time in the making, and I feel extremely lucky and honored to be the one selected to capture them.  Charles Hess and his amazing team of landscape architects at Hess Landscape Architects transform properties and estates into these unreal scenes that leave you dragging your tongue behind while walking the grounds.  The amazing amount of design, detail, and innovation involved in every job is baffling.  This weekend we spent the day shooting a finished job in Villanova, PA, sunrise till sundown.  I ended up getting some great images, and just as we were about to start the night shoot a crazy storm came in with wind, rain, and lightning.  Thankfully the family that owns the home are extremely hospitable and wonderful people, and we hid inside and got a mini rock concert put on by the kids.  We even had some chicken and beers to wait out the storm before getting the last couple shots as the weather slowly dried up!  Check out a few of the images from the day.

the pool

walkway to the patio area

pretty great spot to have breakfast

some of the foliage detail

night shots are always worth it :)