Yum Cha.... Yum.

Plans to shoot sunrise at Freshie beach have been pushed back again due to... MORE RAIN!  Jeez, never thought summertime would be so wet and not sunny, but apparently it's never like this (so they tell me).  Either way, I've always been a fan of Chinese food, and never experienced or even knew what Yum Cha was.  We went to this place called Manly Pheonix on the wharf, and they come around with carts of delicious Chinese delicacies and the table chooses what they want off the cart.  It's like a large scale, personal sushi train... with no sushi.  Then the coolest part (besides everything tasting amazing), is the huge lazy susan in the middle of the table they put your food choices on that everyone spins and picks from.  Even better, it's super cheap if you're with a bunch of people, and you get to taste tons of different things!  These photos have nothing to do with Yum Cha, but were taken outside my place at night.  They put up all these new benches and efficient lights along the beach, and I think they look pretty nice!

some new lights for night time strolling, with queenscliff in the background

the old, but still cool, spotlights.  they give a really cool backlight to these HUGE pine trees that line the beach.