Stormy Sky Obsession

After looking through some of my favorite photos, it's made me realize that I tend to shoot tons of, and love the look of, a stormy sky.  Dramatic skies add so much to an otherwise ordinary photo, or one with just a beautiful blue sky.  You know you've really got something special when a photo affects your senses, and dramatic skies always hit the spot for me.  I know every time I come home from a beautiful place, my Mom is always hoping for that photo of a beach with a beautiful blue sky and not a cloud in sight, but instead she seems to always get these dramatic stormy skies that are anything but inviting to the place.  Such was the case yesterday, when we experienced every type of weather possible.  We woke up to rain, the sun came out with humidity in full strength when we drove to Clontarf Reserve, we took Zara to the dog park at North Curl Curl to torment the other dogs in the sun, quickly followed by the most intense and astonishing storm clouds I've seen to date, followed by intense rain, lightning, and steamy blacktop streets, and the day ended with mostly clear skies and a huge full moon.  I got another one of my favorite photos to date of the trip yesterday, when I took a panoramic of this storm moving across the beach.  The small file doesn't do it much justice, but look for it printed in an exhibition I'll be hosting somewhere this summer hopefully.

Mad at Clontarf Reserve with one of the smallest puppies I've seen hopping around outside.

10 vertical shot panoramic of the crazy storm sweeping the beach.  thanks for the polarizer for xmas mad!

some dude i caught mid backflip.  checkin out the storm from a different angle

and then the rain came...