Coast Walkin

Since we leave for South East Asia in ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!! ... I thought I should start working out my bum knee to get used to walking around a lot.  After playing real estate agent in the morning showing our place, Mads got off work early and we walked along the beaches up to Dee Why.  It's a very beautiful walk, as we took our time and didn't stay on the path the whole way while we explored the rocky headlands.  There was the most beautiful moon out three nights ago, bigger and more orange than any moon I'd ever seen.  Wouldn't you believe it was the one time I didn't have my freakin camera with me?!  I waited up late till the moonrise last nite and shot it, and it was still pretty big and orange but didn't compare.  Maybe before I leave we'll get another amazing one...

walking up the steps from freshie pool, this guy at the bottom of the stairs was givin me the stink eye!  followed by an evenly overcast sky.

coastal purple flowers

yet another distorted fisheye photo of beautiful maddie.  thank god she is a good sport about me taking all these unflattering, funny photos of her.  couldn't get a better model if i tried.
looks pretty cool though when you shoot at f/2.8 with a fisheye lens, there is a radial blur that almost looks fake! (sorry if you have no idea what i'm talking about)

moon craters