Cruisin' the Strip.

I owe my exploration and photography of a lot of places around the northern beaches to my trusty flexdex longboard.  It carves on a dime, rides more quietly than any skateboard I've owned, and picks up speed scary fast.  Apparently though, it can't outrun dogs, seeing as I was attacked by one yesterday while cruising down the beach!  Must've spooked this massive huskey as I rode past, cuz he launched at my board wheels and knocked me right off into the bushes.  Haha! I just had to laugh it off, because I just spooked the big guy and I'm sure he didn't mean to do it.  But it wasn't till later in the day after a bodysurf session, sunbaking and a trip to the mall that I realized how good it was he knocked me off.  His fangs left a pretty gnarly gash running down towards the tail on the top and bottom of the deck where my bare backfoot usually sits.  Crazy!  Homemade pizzas for dinner after a late nite swim across the street is just what the doctor ordered.

sorry in advance about my nasty foot!

dog fangs.