The Cross.

Seventeen dollars sounds like a lot to pay for public transport, but yesterday I certainly got my money's worth from the day tripper pass.  Starting with another beautiful ferry ride into circular quay, the sky was clouded over and it felt like summer attire wasn't going to be suitable for the day.  Sure enough, the sun burned all the clouds off within my 20 minute ferry ride and it was back to intense heat.  2 trains got me to a suburb called edgecliff where I had to apply for my visa to Vietnam at the consulate, and then it was another train back to Kings Cross.  Kings Cross isn't one of the nicer places in the greater Sydney area, but it's sure got a lot of character.  I skated past this place called the Paddington Reservoir, which is an old relic of the city's past but now a series of really cool old tunnels that are closed off to the public.  Found a cat there that seemed to own the place as well.  Four trains and a ferry later, I had gotten some lunch with Mads at her work in North Sydney and made it back home to Manly.  What a crazy day.