Newport Arms Hotel

There are so many options for things to do around here that it is always a tough choice where to end up for the day.  Thankfully, getting a little boozey on a Sunday afternoon was at the top of both our lists, and we made our way north on an hour bus trip to Newport (but not before indulging in the most amazing smoothie place on earth).  The Newport Arms hotel has got a massive beer garden with some good seafood and burgers as well.  We ended up seeing an awesome dog beach for Zara as well, with tons of dogs running free and playing with each other in the water.  The seagulls were on point at this beer garden, even attacking an old man's wife's plate as she left.  It was pretty funny to watch as one seagull cheekily made a move, stabbed a chip, and that was the signal for about 10 seagulls to swarm this poor man's table.  The bus guys are on top of it so it was only for a few seconds, but just enough for some harmless entertainment.  And on the way back, we passed this ute (think el camino, modernized and swarming the country) with a little cute dog popping his head out of the back as we buzzed by.