Rainy Sydney

For some reason, the paradise that is known as the greater Sydney area has been hit with some really dreary weather lately.  Rain has put a damper on the usually very outdoorsy way of living here, but I feel like there's a clear sky in the near future.  Anyway, after scouring the place for our keys again, we headed into the city to meet up with a couple more friends of mine that have come to visit the land down under.  We got some dinner and drinks at this rooftop bar right in The Rocks section of Sydney, and I was surprised that Connie and Krissy stayed awake that long on their marathon 40 hour day filled with, "the most turbulence I've ever flown in," as stated by their pilot.  After we parted ways to get the ferry back to Manly, I figured it was time for some classic and much overdone dragged shutter shots of the Opera House at night.  It's a vertical shot, but they don't look very good by themselves posted here, so I've added black filler to the left side... kind of looks like its just floating out to sea.

the floating opera house

i really liked the shadows on this shot

this was a really cool thing, they had recycled thousands of plastic bottles and made a christmas tree out of them