Sushi Mania

Recovering from boxing day is a lengthly process in itself, and to make matters a bit harder we managed to lose all of our keys somehow.  It amazes me how its possible to lose important things so frequently in such a small place, yet when I'm in a big place I rarely ever lose things (especially important things like your keys!).  But it did force us to stay inside (after making it out to the grocery store), and utilize one of Mad's Christmas presents… a sushi maker!  I have a whole new respect for Japanese sushi chef's, because it's such a huge process to make even one roll!  On our menu was shrimp tempura (which I've wanted to make since the first time I tasted it), tuna, avocado, cucumber, peppers, and a few other extra small things to make the rolls taste amazing.  It was a successful mission (and a long one at that), and I don't think I've ever eaten so much sushi in one sitting before!