Bondi Budgie Smugglers

Getting from Manly to Bondi is a serious effort, especially when on the map they look fairly close.  A two and a half hour journey through the greater Sydney public transport system got us to Bondi Beach, where the beaches were packed towel to towel, and the english language is hard to come by.  I've never seen so many topless women at a non-nude beach before, but unfortunately this came with the largest amount of speedo's (banana hammocks I call them, or here they're referred to as budgie smugglers) I'd ever seen.  Take the good with the bad I guess...!  Anyway, there is an absolutely beautiful coastal walk that starts at Bondi Beach and makes its way down the coast to Coogee Beach.  We all took this two hour walk, and saw some beautiful scenery along the way.  Rewards of beer and ice cream awaited us at Coogee Beach, and we made it back to Manly for another beautiful sunset.

the madness that is bondi in peak tourist season

a few of us that added to the madness at a nearby cafe

a beach along the coastal walk

some boats dry docked at coogee