Searching for Sunset.

Mads took me around yesterday to North Curl Curl headland, where we climbed to the top of the lookout and then down and around the point.  The designs cut into the rock formations there are absolutely stunning, like an intricate maze of puzzle fit craters.  We then came back and gave Mads 1984 fire engine red Commodore a wash and a pampering polish.  She loves that thing more than life itself, so I decided to give her a photoshoot up on North Head at sunset after we checked out Collins Flat for a vantage point and came up shorthanded.  We took some of my pocketwizards (remote flash triggers) and a couple flashes and shot against the hazy sunset over the city.  It was a mad dash trying to get something cool, and we got a couple sweet ones I think.  Mads even had a play with my off camera flashes and her toy film camera, the Holga.  Excited to see what those come out like. :)

view of north curly from the beginning of the headland

extreme fishing, many people die each year by getting swept off the headlands from crazy waves breaking on the rocks

sydney skyline silhouettes from north head

and the beautiful 1984 commodore.