Sunset Barbeque

It's an amazing thing to be able to travel the world and meet people from all walks of life.  A common worldly outlook and passion for travel forms an almost instant friendship, even if you are completely different people or don't speak the same language.  I met a ton of amazing people from all around the world last winter season when I was in Whistler, and have had the pleasure of meeting up with quite a few of them in different places outside British Columbia.  Yesterday, Miyuki came for a visit to Manly where we spent the day relaxing on the beach out front until Mads scooped us up and drove us to this really secluded and amazing cove I didn't even know existed.  Complete with a cliff jump, waterfall, and beautifully clear, warm water, I'm definitely going back here again with my proper camera gear.  At sunset we headed over to Queenscliff park where Mads and I met with a couple good friends, Pat and Rose, and took Zara as well so she could play in the water with the other dogs (basically tormenting them and stealing their toys).  An awesome thing Oz has in most parks here are free barbeque's, perfect for a nice picnic in such a beautiful place.  We grilled up some steaks and veggie burgers, and had an awesome dinner under an amazingly pink sunset.  Sometimes photos don't do justice to beautiful nights like these.