To The Zoo!

We started the day off with a nice breakfast in a little town called Balmoral, which is half way to the zoo.  After chowing down some scrambled and eggs with super crispy bacon and Turkish toast, Mads family and I hit up the Taronga Zoo.  This zoo has an awesome location, right on the Sydney Harbor with a beautiful backdrop of the city and Opera House.  We saw a seal show first, which was as funny as it was amazing, and caught a bird show next.  It is a very clean and organized zoo with lots of diverse wildlife, and definitely worth a visit if you ever are in Sydney.  It was HOT though, and all that walking and sitting in the super strong sun with massively heavy camera gear and a bum knee didn't go over well with me... I got heat stroke.  So the rest of the day was shot and spent kickin the sickness, but it was still a killer day in the end.

favorite shot of the day by far.  very scary how they are so similar to us, he just looked like a big person couped up in this glass box.  98% identical DNA with these big gorillas is amazing, really makes you think.  made me want to let this guy out of the cage mostly...  check out the awesome light on him.

loved the way this meerkat was just perched up on the wall like no big deal, escaping the heat.

these are some intimidating tiger eyes

another favorite of the day... this huge kodiak bear was just resting in his cave out of the sun.  blown up big, you can see him going cross-eyed staring down that fly that has landed on his nose. haha