Steve Warming.

Put another tick up for one more beautifully sunny day in Oz.  We spent today doing some errands and rewarding ourselves with some beach time out front.  Mads planned a nite for a bunch of people to officially welcome me to Australia at the bar under the Opera House.  Talk about a killer view while slugging back a few cold ones!  We had a beautiful sunset over the Harbor Bridge as well, and I had forgotten how many bats come out at dusk and fly high overhead.  It's crazy!  Anyway, I used what brain I've still got left and decided to leave my camera at home in anticipation of contact with pavement/beer/ocean/everything bad for a camera.  I'll post a couple more shots from my underwater session yesterday, and a quick one from my point and shoot from last nite at the opera bar.

kinda looks like a stormy sky doesn't it?


steve warming at the opera bar :)