Underwater. Finally!

I've been dying to get underwater with my camera housing since I got to Australia... it was one of the main reasons for buying it.  The conditions weren't perfect, the airlines stole my wrench (spanner to the Aussies), and my knee still needed some rest (paying for it today).  But the time finally came with some clean head high swells, and beautifully clear water.  I also was lucky enough to have another mate of mine come visit from Brisbane that I went to school with.  Still getting used to this underwater housing business, but absolutely loving it.  Even got smashed in the back of the head a few times by a sneaky closeout behind me.  Here's a few images I liked from the day, all taken right out front of my house.  I can even see it in the second one :)

here's my buddy dan launching off the bottom under a massive wave

liked this shot a lot, just wanting to see a bit more of the surfer... see his head poking out???

and this was a funny one of dan bodysurfing. didn't even know he was coming but turn around and snapped this real quick.  check out the expression, classic!