Bondi Markets

Today we started out by heading over to Bondi Markets, which go on every Saturday selling trendy clothes and  homemade jewelry.  Bondi is known as part of the city beaches because of its proximity to the city itself, whereas I live at the Northern beaches.  It's bit further away and a more chilled out vibe, but equally beautiful.  We took Zara (best dog in Australia) and she spent her hours bolting for shaded spots and dodging the intense heat of the sun.  Next was Little Manly, a nice cove of a beach in the harbor with lots of beautiful sailboats docked a stones throw away from the shoreline.  And after a dusk swim, I got the terrible news that Mads grandma had passed.  She was an amazing woman, and I am grateful I got to meet her a couple times since I've been here. :)

this photo is outside a bottle shop (or bottle-o as we call it here) of a talented artist painting wine bottles and cool labels on the boarded windows.