Best Locations for Summer Family Portraits in New Jersey : Monmouth County

How good is the change of seasons?! Goodbye cold, short days and hello to beautiful sunshine, bbq’s, warm summer nights, bike rides, and everything else there is to love about summer at the beach in New Jersey!

5 reasons why is summer a GREAT time to have your family photos?

  1. The warm weather means we get to go on an outside adventure together.

  2. Summer evenings are perfect for catching the late light at the beach.

  3. You’ll have a bit of color after a winter spent hiding behind pants, jackets and hats.

  4. Longer days mean more flexibility for scheduling your photo session and design consultation if you still need to work most of the day.

  5. You’ll have beautiful artwork of your family enjoying summertime together, what many of us live for in New Jersey. You’ll get to look at your artwork every day and feel the warmth of your love and the summer sun!

Growing up in Manasquan, I’ve got an affinity for the beautiful beaches and nature New Jersey has to offer - so these are my personal top three favorite spots. There are TONS more, but these are the ones I tend to gravitate towards.

1. Fishermans Cove
Location : Manasquan, NJ
Why I love this place : It’s such a diverse spot with so much to offer! You get the beach and the woods all in one. Being located just inside the Manasquan Inlet, the water is always calm and shallow, which is great for photographs but also awesome if you want to let the kids jump in the water at the end of the session. Even better, towards the end of summer the sun sets over the water - a rarity in New Jersey!


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2. Sea Girt Beach
Location : Sea Girt, NJ
Why I love this place : This is a wonderful spot for your family portraits. Vines grow wild down a winding sandy path while you make your way to the beach! Later in the day it becomes shady too, which is wonderful for your portraits and still getting to enjoy the setting sun down at the beach!


Allaire State Park
Location : Wall Township, NJ
Why I love this place : The options are nearly endless in this beautiful park. Nature inspires at every turn, whether you are just out of the parking lot or want to go on a family hike through the woods. There are older buildings in the village that are great to photograph nearby too. It’s just an all around great location!


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Why I love this place : Your home holds so many of your memories, sometimes it’s clearly the best place for your portrait experience. Whether you’ve got a farm, a postage stamp yard or no outdoor space at all, home is where the heart is. I love photographing families in their home, and those families always cherish the deeper connections in their artwork.

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