Chromatic Collaroy

This could hands down be the most colourful post of all time from me. I headed down to Collaroy early Sunday morning after being so stoked about the sunrise on Saturday at Avalon, running on about 3 hours sleep from Friday and Saturday... From the moment I got out of the house I knew it was going to be a good one. The hues the sky put out were unreal, and funny enough almost the same thing happened last time I went to Collaroy to shoot the sunrise. Out on long reef there is a huge flat rock formation which fills little rock pockets with still water... and reflections are one of my favorite things in photography. Combined with some ridiculous light, it was hard to stop drooling and focus on where I was stepping so I didn't lose a leg or get swept out to sea. After the sun started to creep behind the clouds and the vibrancy faded, a few rain drops paid us a visit. Sure enough I turned around to see a massive rainbow arched right behind us. It was a truly magical morning. What made it even more special, if you can believe it, is that I met a lady on the way back to the car who had just done the walk her father did every morning. He passed away not a week ago, and the show put on by mother nature that morning was truly something meaningful to her. Hope you like these images Kelly! Here's a few of my favorites, in order of occurence, so you can all see how insane it really was...

the start of the colour show.

lone fisherman, he didn't catch anything but i'm sure he was smiling anyway

some ascidians basking in the morning light

then the purple went away and transitioned into a brilliant orange

and as soon as that faded i turned around to this lovely rainbow... you can almost make out the double.

the lone fisherman, i've got like 20 photos of this guy haha

really loved this shot. no crazy colour but the photo moves!

and a beautiful disaster. taking a long exposure and was about to get smashed by a wave... sometimes it works out!