Avalon Light Factory

This past weekend I managed to get all the way up to Avalon for a sunrise session on Saturday morning... man was it worth it. Not only am I slightly obsessed with the town, but it produces consistently awesome results for me every time I go. The swell wasn't quite there, and there were no dramatic clouds for a crazy colourful sunrise. There was, however, quality light on tap everywhere you looked... and loads of it. My friend Dan, who met up with me for a sunrise shoot, was visiting his mom who lives on a boat in Avalon. What a sweet spot to live. Saturday morning's sunrise got me so stoked I woke up for another on Sunday, and got some even more awesome results... stay tuned for those ones! But for now, check out a few of my favorites from Saturday morning...

some pre dawn ripples in the pool

early morning keeners seeing if dan fell in the water yet

loving the droplets

the rock's hair getting bathed in some morning light

early morning dog walk

gonna be waiting a while...

and a little wonky wave for this happy longboarder