After boxing day on the beach, we all headed up to Woolgoolga aka Woopi to bring in the new year on the Banana Coast. The Darley's were kind enough to let us crash at their beautiful place where we spent the week hanging in the sun and going to the beach with their pups Max Darley and the Pig (which you're about to see plenty photos of). Such a good time, and as you can see their dogs were too good not to take a million photos of. Here's a few from the Darley ranch and a quick trip to Dorrigo National Park. Check out a few highlights!

woopi sunrise

dorrigo strangler fig

mad, david and the dogs ready for some early morning fetch

mackie and piglet

stick toss

haha, loved this shot

kylie in a dorrigo sun pocket

leaf n a log. i love the light in rain forests

slightly obsessed with the fetch mackie is

another beauty of a sunrise

little pig

mack daddy

and this is how we left, i think pig was a bit sad haha