fRew. round two

Nearly a year after I shot fRew in Kings Cross (which I now live right down the block from... go figure), we met up for a shoot of epic proportions. He needed some promo images, and came to me to get the goods. We went around the northern beaches and snagged a bunch of keepers. Then the day after our shoot, he jetsetted to my homeland for a few months to rock the west coast USA. Last year I said this dude was going places, and he most certainly is, striking a massive following and playing the world over. Below are a few of my favorites from our session. Thank you sun and clouds for cooperating nicely :)

And here's a link to his site if you're looking to get your feet movin'.

one of my favo(u)rites

mr frew himself

loved this silhouette... mad's idea of course :)

sweet colo(u)rs haha

and then we headed up to north head to meet the clouds, sun streaks and skyline. so good.

hahaha, such a funny one i couldn't resist

and another favorite from the day. unreal sunset!!! (although seems to happen quite often here)