Kim and Ryan - Asbury Park Engagement

So I met up with Kim and Ryan after trying to make our busy schedules jive before school kicked off for the year for Kim. Thursday's weather tried really hard to change our plans for the shoot, but luckily these guys are such a cool couple and were down for anything, even getting a little wet :)  We had stormy skies, buckets of rain, mist, sun, fog, rainbows, and I even saw lightning on my way home... all we were missing was a hurricane (too soon?). Their determination paid off, as you'll see, and we had such a great time in Asbury Park making some amazing photographs.  So excited to shoot their wedding next year, this was just a preview of the awesomeness that oozes around these kids.  Check out a few of my favorites from the day!

favorite shot! snagged this one right before the double rainbow vanished

sometimes we were taking shelter from the rain...

...then others we had to get amongst it!


shades of blue

bad ass.