San Fran with the Fam

A few weeks ago, my sister moved out to San Francisco.  In fact, it was during a week long heatwave that the east coast got smashed with.  Perfect timing for some cool Nor Cal weather!  Never been to Cali before this trip, just very acquainted with LAX... time to get a new positive perspective on such a beautiful state!  Anyway, below are a few of my favorite snaps inbetween galavanting around to different places, seeing as much as possible in a short window with the fam, and seeing Emily off to work at Kiva.  If you don't know about this amazing company, be sure to give that link a click to check them out.  It's a microfinance company that works primarily with ambitious and entrepreneurial people in third world countries, but they are pioneering the microfinance movement in the USA.  Want to feel good about yourself? Go make a loan through them and tell your friends, you won't regret it!

golden gate surrounded by its best friend, fog.

there was this awesome old school arcade with all the old games. this little girl was pretty determined to knock spence out with the metal boxers

strolling the streets of san fran with the beautiful ladies of my family


muir woods

some of the redwoods in muir woods park... pretty damn tall!

such great light all over the place in the park

crazy tree

sonoma valley pup waiting for his owner to return with an amazing deli sandwich... maybe some wine too???

fishing the frigid waters under the golden gate

sup bird.

whoops, shouldn't have taken the birds photo as you can see I pissed him off! sorry jeffo...

alcatraz entry, such a creepy awesome place.

empty cells

lonely library


spence rocking his san fran sweatshirt he had to buy... boardshorts and t shirts in the summer doesn't cut for the 60 degree days


this one's for you mads