Kari + Eugene

Last weekend Drew and I headed up to Boston after shooting another wedding till midnight the night before... yikes! After an extended power nap we met up with Kari and Eugene the next morning at Essex Conference Center outside Boston. Such a cool little venue nestled in the woods.  Their day was filled with sun and lots of smiles, a big gathering of family and friends from all over, and even a day of ultimate frisbee in a monsoon at the beach as part of the festivities the following day.

eugene getting on his pimp tux

kari and the pup!

beautiful sparkly dress

pretty awesome fire circle eccr's got

all the girls


a nice pre ceremony prelude

he spotted the bride!

kari was all smiles all day

sealing the deal

great sequence by drew, with some karma cake smashing

frisbee as the monsoon was calming down

ok last photo of the pup!

really liked this shot of eugene and kari