Noah & Co.

I had the privilege of shooting my good friend Erin's family during one of the first times they've been in the same place at the same time in quite a while.  It also happened to be the day before the young gun of the group, Noah, turned the big 1 (yes, he definitely was extremely cute and the star of the show as you will see).  He was possibly the most well behaved 1 year old I've ever dealt with!  We headed to Allaire State Park in the afternoon to make a few photos of this super clan in action.  I've got to say, they were some of the most appreciative and easy going people I've ever had the honor of working with.  What a good time we had in the park… got in an intense game of Risk, had a few strolls down some beautiful paths in the woods, got to play on the railroad tracks, and even had a little time playing with the family labrador.  I've posted a couple of my favorites, but it was such a hard decision to pick only a few.  Check em out below!

favorite shot of the day, such a cute little guy 

thankfully the train stopped running before we got there


haha, this was one of the only photos in this series where noah wasn't poking someones eye or kicking someone in the face

cute shot of father and son

special moment with mom 


lady killer