Becky and Sam - Harrisburg Engagement

This weekend I finally got to meet Becky and Sam, in real life!  I met them initially on skype, and we postponed a shoot because of crappy weather, so the day finally came to drive out to the middle of Pennsylvania and we had a great time together!  They were even were able to block out hearing that the US Women's team lost on their way to meet up with me, and still brought out the smiles and laughs for our time together (because they both love soccer, and Sam played professionally for the USL).  What a pleasure it was to work with such a great couple.  I'm one lucky guy when it comes to my clients I tell ya.  Anyway, I had never been to Harrisburg before, and they were able to get us the Capitol Complex to ourselves for a couple hours so we used the grounds and the surrounding area to make some beautiful images of this good lookin' couple!  If you don't believe me, just check out a few below.  Can't wait to shoot your wedding next year!

one of my favorites for the day, loving the afternoon light! ...and i guess a hot looking couple doesn't hurt ;)

little badass action

there were some cool textures around the area

concrete sunshine

if you look closely, you can see the swarm of bugs we were being attacked by lit up next to sam.  i had one that didn't want to leave my throat for a good half hour haha.

nice little moment

lets play spot the becky and sam, kind of like where's waldo but in a much cooler setting at the capitol rotunda