Sarah + Chris

Sarah and Chris had possibly the most fun I've ever seen a couple have at their wedding.  You can imagine how enjoyable the day was... laughing harder, dancing crazier, and partying like the world was going to end...... hahaha, the good ol' rapture wedding!  Sarah gave me possibly the most and hardest hi-5's I've ever endured on a wedding day, and I was more than happy to get 'em.  We started in Point Pleasant, drinking plenty of miller lights (not me unfortunately) and shooting the prep process for all the girls.  The ceremony and some of the photographs were done at Georgian Court University, where Chris's mom runs security.  Because we had the golden key to the grounds, we shot in parts of Georgian Court that many have never been and will never be allowed to go.  A couple photographs below hopefully will give you a taste of how uniquely amazing this place was, paired with a couple just as awesome to make these shots hopefully drop a few jaws.  A big red trolley transported the bridal party of 20+ to the Lobster Shanty in Point Pleasant afterwards for a reception to remember.  Sarah's Dad sung you are my sunshine for his speech, I saw the most amount of ridiculous props ever for a photo booth, the best man Chris had people on the floor laughing during his speech, and I guarantee at least half the guests have blisters from the amount of dancing that went on.  Plus it was the greatest ride home from a reception for me ever, door to door in 10 minutes, SWEET.  Sarah and Chris were champions, hope you are having a blast in Aruba!!!

favorite shot of the day! and i'm not telling where it is... haha.

survival of the fittest on rapture day. they survived the floods.

sarah's beautiful dress. does anyone else see a smiley face?

some last minute adjustments for chris

the beautiful sarah


another secret spot :)

king of the mansion

feel the love

gorgeous light on a gorgeous girl

chris n the guys, disco lights courtesy of the tree above

cool little detail

the rapture was near!!! out in the rain, rocking the socks off this abandoned shack

lobster shanty apps. damn those were some tasty shrimps!!!!

i told you there was some good speeches, i think this is when chris was discussing a bladder problem. hahahaha!

party time!

crazy photo booth props + awesome bridal party = ridiculousness