Kate 'n Nate - Ocean City Engagement

On Sunday, we drove down to Ocean City, NJ after my upstate NY wedding to meet with Kaitlin and Nate for their engagement shoot.  Let me just say that these guys are some of the nicest and most easygoing people I've met.  I knew when I met Kate last year that they were going to be a pleasure to be around, and they certainly proved it!  We warmed up by the 15th street pier and got some fun stuff and eventually made our way down the boardwalk and back, dodging the soon-to-be summer crowds and the crazy 2011 doomsday advocates (they were EVERYWHERE!!!)  We ended with an ice cream fight, which was as awesome as you think it would be, but I'm still in negotiations with a certain someone to post a funny one or two :)  In the meantime, check out a few from the day!

stunning couple

haha, i saw this somewhere and had to do it with them. kate, what are you looking at?!?!


having some fun drawing in the sand

really liked this shot :)