South Coast

Easter and ANZAC day combined means a 5 day weekend, oh yeah!  Mad planned a long weekend down the coast at Narooma for some fishing and then over towards Jindabyne for a bit of hiking.  Check out a few snaps...

had to stop on the drive back home, the morning was spectacular!

up early hand lining for some live bait

maddies king size snapper! best. dinner. ever. we also managed to catch a decent sized bonito and two big morwongs

laziest cat around, slept on our hood most of the time. claws are good for the paint.

australia rock.

this little wasp was drunk at the pub with us i'm pretty sure, passed out vertically

hiking 20 km's to the summit of mt. kosciuszko, the highest mountain in australia standing a whopping 2,228 meters / 7,310 ft above sea level

whole lotta cockatoos

one of my favorites