Risky Business

I went out with Kim the other day to go for a sunrise swim to get some underwater images with beautiful light.  Turns out the waves were a bit crumbly and not ideal for getting some backlit barrel shots.  So I perched up on the shoreline behind a little sandbank that was made from the surf.  The waves came crashing on it and forming these awesome shapes.  Still don't know why I didn't take the effort to put my camera in the underwater housing, but my camera came out mostly dry after all was said and done.  Not my brightest moment :)

what i was shooting for with the morning light

rip relocation

pre sun splashes

lighted foam orchestra

this is later in the sequence of the photo above. thats my knee and hand... not pictured is me yelling oh f@#%$#!  utter chaos.

kimmo shot this one of me doing what it takes to get a cool shot