Back Down Unda'

Mad and I finally made the annual migration south like most snowbirds do from New Jersey (except we're not AARP members and we went a few more hours south than Florida). We landed back in Sydney, ready for summer ...and we're still ready for summer but it hasn't exactly showed up yet. So far we've scored a couple sunny days, but for the most part the rain, clouds and cooler temps have snuck on everyone around here. What the heck is happening??? We did, however, bring with us the newest addition to our family ... a super telephoto lens (photos of me grinning ear to ear to follow). What exactly were you thinking? ;) So I've been trying to find some sunny mornings here and there to snag a few shots with the monster. We're in the city this time around, so more dirt and less sand on the horizon for blog updates. Now how bout some more sun?! Here's a few from the past week shot at the beach.

this is how many fish here, so risky with the sea smashing into the rocks.

just your neighborhood lorikeet... having a pick of his nose.

sun breach

mad and za, basking in the morning sun

spritely seagull

bowing to the morning sun

sweet glistening sunshine... where have you gone?!