Monettibuilt. October 26

Robert gave me a call the other day about a project he recently picked up on the beach in Long Branch, and he sounded stoked to say the least. All of the projects over at Monetti Builders usually leave me drooling at the detail and general awesomeness of the final products they produce, but this one will finish on another level... I can tell already. They took the job over from another builder on this soon to be oceanfront palace, so I came in and documented a few details and basically the (lack of) craftmanship that was already in place. And also, I shot the damage from the hurricane we had... devistation. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of windows on the ground level smashed to pieces from the waves and thrown through the house along with uprooted pilings. Insane stuff. Anyway, here's a couple details and a shot I got of Robert at work that I really dig.

robert checking out the plans amidst the storm damage

a couple small details from the place, not a bad spot hey???