Ang + Ant - Princeton Engagement

I met Angela a while back when she hired me to shoot one of the buildings she worked at, and our initial conversation went something along the lines of... "if I ever get married, I'm definitely hiring you to shoot my wedding..." Well, as fate would have it, beautiful Ang met Ant (who in some photos bears a striking resemblance to Matt Dillon) and they're gettin married! Unfortunately I was already booked for their big day next year, but we were able to utilize last weekend's amazing weather and make some engagement photos at Princeton University. What an awesome couple! You can get a small sense of how great they are through the photos, bursting with beautiful personalities and love for each other, but Mad and I had as much fun hanging out as we did shooting them. I even had a face-off with a local squirrel, whom I think may have been a Princeton experiment at some point because he was growling at me, nuts!!! Thanks for a great day guys, here's a few of my favorites (it was really hard to choose only a few)!

awesome spot in princeton with ang and ant looking incredible

if you only knew how many spiders they battled to get this photo... troopers i tell ya

infectious smiles

we had a whole series of "mishaps" during this series, where the photos looked similar to the immaculate conception. you'll have to ask them about it...

silhouettes are awesome