Mad and I took a recent trip to the islands of Turks + Caicos in the caribbean, home to the most beautiful turquoise caribbean water you will ever see. The snorkeling was great (we didn't dive unfortunately), the sand on the beaches is white and silky smooth, all the local people are very nice... it's a perfect spot to take a moment and relax. When we travel, as photographers, we're always looking for rich culture which unfortunately was very hard to find. This is a relatively newly developed island, built up and waiting for the influx of people that most of the caribbean islands have. Our quick trip was at the end of the low season, a week before the peak season kicked in, and we were fortunate to have all beautiful days but one... oh and a 'missed approach' when we were trying to land on the island because it was raining that hard. Yikes! Here's a few happy snaps from the trip, the rest are hidden in stock archives (a new endeavor I'm working on...). Hope these can get the cold out of your bones!!!

my caribbean entourage...

the one and only maddie, a new favorite shot of this beautiful lady

pretty great water, wouldn't you say?

a small friend we made at the conch shack

the color of turks and caicos

snorkeling right off the beach

cool shot of maddie

tropical sunsets are awesome

maddie looking for the fish, but they were all around me every session. i was the fish whisperer

and a flattering test shot to leave you with ;)