Vika and Logan - NYC

Mad and I were fortunate enough to have two great friends from our Whistler, BC days stay with us in NJ and visit the city for a few days. We may have walked upwards of about 17 miles (equivalent of like 14,000 km's I think :) touring all around Manhattan and Brooklyn. Inbetween exploring all the different bars and sights of Brooklyn's Williamsburg area, we had a couple quick informal photo jaunts. Logan is a fellow awesome photographer, and was kind enough to grab this cracker of me popping the question to Maddie the beginning of this year. Here's a few of this good lookin couple in the city!

favorite from the day!

awesome colors!

some great light on these guys

this was their idea, since vika randomly scales up logan's back sometimes haha

i laughed really hard when i got this one, hahaha

had to throw this gem of all of us in times square