Amanda and Brian

Wow.  These guys were awesome!  Some of the nicest people I've ever met, let alone had the pleasure of shooting.  My buddy Kim came from Canada to assist for me on this one, and we started our day out shooting Amanda at the Inn at Penn.  Found some great window light and got some killer shots of a beautiful bride.  After Brian and Amanda had their first meeting in the hotel, we headed over to College Green on UPenn's Campus.  I snagged a shot that is one of my favorite / funniest to date, as we were mobbed by an Asian tour group in the middle of shooting.  The ceremony was in St. Agatha church, and had some stunning architecture.  We grabbed some family shots afterwards, and Kim and I even got a lift with Amanda and Brian in their limo to my car!  Such nice people!!!!  The reception was held at the Penn Museum in the Upper Egypt and Chinese Rotunda exhibits, pretty cool twist to a standard reception with EBE Events rocking the mummies.  We had an awesome day, and I think the photos show.  GREAT wedding!!!  Thanks guys.


favorite shot of the day, in the midst of a serious tour group photo extravaganza

getting ready, and brian's ring engraving

word on the street was that a few guests were unhappy with the wedding being the same day as a flyers game!!!

slipping into her shoes

a gorgeous shot of amanda after she got into her dress

first meeting

serious dedication by kim, he grabbed these great shots after we left the room to head out

after the tour group passed by

awesome church

love how stoked they are to be together, as well as everyone else


quick shot outside the church

popping the celebratory champagne, as amanda protects her face from cork deflection

the chinese rotunda

some of amanda's penn friends

complete with michael jackson performances, multiple bouquet tosses and an awesome time all around