Chris and Caroline - Yankee Stadium Engagement

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the real deal.  Yankee Stadium.  I had the pleasure of spending a couple hours in the Bronx with Chris and Caroline this past Friday for their engagement shoot, in definitely one of the most unique places I can say I've been hired to shoot while the Yankees were in Boston.  I've been friends with Chris and Caroline since college years so it was nice to get together again, and they certainly picked a good spot!  Luck was on our side as Maddie and I were driving up the Parkway, parting the seas during the downpour that hit New Jersey on Friday, which magically gave up just as our allotted time for the stadium rolled around.  An awesome security guard named Derk escorted us around and helped us out here and there.  The overcast leftovers from the storm provided some beautifully soft light and dramatic skies for this soon to be married couple, and we got a ton of killer photos... so check a few of em out!  Congrats again guys

what'd i tell ya about those skies?! chris living out his dream of making it to the big leagues

delta sky suite

the rain was a good thing after all

caroline's beautiful engagement ring

what a hot looking couple

having some fun on the warning track

they had the stadium all to themselves!